​​AlleCures Inc

​​AlleCures™ Platform will be launching in 2017. We have a licensing and training program for board certified Allergists.


Anne Vallerga PhD, CEO
Colby Pharma President; UC-Berkeley Bio Executive Institute, HAAS School of Business; Stanford Med IRB; UCSF Pharmaceutical Chemistry​

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Mark Tolpin MD, CMO
Prior Medical Director Celgene, PharmaNet, DuPont, VP@SangStat, BMS, Sandoz (Novartis)

​Vision:  To provide safe, ultra-low dose, rapid and effective allergy disease control and cure for people who suffer from allergies.

Mission: To standardize, manufacture, and out-license an Intralymphnode Allergen ImmunoTherapy (IL-AIT) system with validated IL-AIT allergens for allergy disease control.

Value:  Rapid allergic disease control for allergic rhinitis enabled with 3 low dose (1/1000) intralymphnode allergen treatments in 2 months & 100% patient compliance and no adverse events (compared to 80 high dose standard of care under the skin allergen treatments in 60 months & 15% patient compliance with risk of an adverse event)

 Immunotherapies for Allergic Disease Control

Scott Jenkins PhD, MBA, President

CEO Positions - Alchemist Ventures, Certainty Health, BioSign; Sr Exec Positions @ Applied Biosystems, Dell, IBM, Apple, Sandoz (Novartis)

Laird Cagan MBA, CFO 

CFO Founder Cagan, McAfee Capital Partners; Investor and Entrepreneur 10 public companies;  SF Chair Tiger 21 &YPO; Prior M&A Investment Banking: Drexel Burnham Lambert & Goldman, Sachs & Co.