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IntraLymphNode Allergen ImmunoTherapy (IL-AIT) has been validated in humans and dogs for allergic rhinitis and atopic dermatitis, respectively.

Direct intralymphnodal injection of low doses of allergens is an effective route of delivery for various immunogens and has shown proof of concept in human clinical trials with low doses (1/1000th) of various allergens.  


​​Approximately 35% of the global population suffer allergies and can lead to asthma.

In the United States, allergies to grass and tree pollen cause allergic rhino-conjunctivitis and accounts for billions of US dollars in annual economic costs.

Allergy symptoms are often treated with antihistamines, decongestants, and       corticosteroids. However, these drugs only address symptoms   and have undesirable side effects. Allergy immunotherapy can significantly desensitize and potentially cure patients of their allergies.

IntraLymphNode Immunotherapy Products Enable Allergy Desensitization in Human Allergic Rhinitis Patients 

In human clinical studies, pollen allergen desensitization data shows direct injection of allergens into lymphnodes enables long term allergic rhinitis relief after 3 low dose intralymphnode allergen immunotherapy treatments over a period of 2 months, as compared to 80 high-dose under the skin allergen immunotherapy treatments over 60 months.

 Immunotherapies for Allergic Disease Control